As a cultural mediator, I facilitate communication processes with visitors via objects in museums and exhbitions. I regard cultural mediation as a process of founding relationships between members of different cultures, existing side by side in our society

... in museums, exhibitions and in public space

... in vocational training and lifelong learning

... as intercultural dialogue


Projects (digest):

„Multiple Choice" participation project Kunstraum Weikendorf (NÖ)

Workshops with apprentices with Dialoginstitut
Hineinspaziert - Umschauen in Wien (2017)
"Über viele Brücken musst du gehn. 2015 - 1945 - 1915"(2015)
„Europa und Wir" (2013)
Was uns zusammenhält" (2012)

"Das Baumwollschaf und andere Bilder", Exhibition Theodor Otto Laube, WollArt, Wien.

Projects: "Eros"; "Potency and Powerlessness"; "Violence" (projects by Team EigenArt/museum - T.E.A.m)*

Workshop in the course of MEGIST (Vocational Training & Personal Development Fair) in Istanbul

Conference: "Kreative Lehrlinge - Sand im Betriebe"

project series "Das Nützliche und das Fremde" ("The Useful and the Strange") cultural mediation in initial vocational training)

weReurope - European Lifelong Learning by Intercultural Dialogue

art in education - an experiment of innovative arts education in schools (St. Petersburg)

* Team EigenArt/museum (T.E.A.m) was awarded the "Ludwig Sackmauer Preis für Kunstvermittlung" in 1995 for innovative cultural mediation work